Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Now they call me Three Finger Joe

Get a load of this when you have the time. It's a little over twenty minutes.

I saw it earlier in the eventing at a live broadcast of Rifftrax, one where they brought back a lot of old MST3K people, including Joel a couple of times.

Anyway, this safety film is a rich target being the three G's: goofy, gory, and grim. But it's kind of artful as well. The shots are well centered. The guy playing the foreman, at least, is a natural. As it turns out the film was made by Herk Harvey, the director of the cult classic Carnival of Souls. Which makes you wonder about the metaphysics of this construction site.


susan said...

Ew, I got all squeamish well before this finished but I did get the general idea that disaster could strike at any moment.

It reminded me of some of the pictures I've seen of the guys who built the skyscrapers in NYC when there was no safety equipment. They deserved a lot of respect.

Ben said...

Yeah, it's a weird bit of Southern Gothic in PSA form. Not a lot of gore, really, but some painful propositions.

Hard to believe so much work that high up was done without any safety equipment to speak of. I can't look at pictures like that too long. It puts me on edge.