Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yes, chameleons

Jemmy the Chameleon from Wayne Carlisi on Vimeo.

Just having a little fun here, juxtaposing the real chameleon with the animated one. There's an exaggeration, but it's not that big.

Of course if you're a house pet loose in the house, it might be better to be seen. Sometimes, anyway.


susan said...

You're right that chameleons are very neat. The others that really fascinate me are octopuses that I've only seen in person at a couple of aquariums. Not long ago I happened across a youtube of the recently discovered mimic octopus. Pretty neat, eh?

Ben said...

That is a good one. The mimic octopus is a new one on me. I knew many species of octopus could change color, but this is a step beyond. Or eight steps.