Thursday, April 21, 2016

Good night, sweet...

Does Rock 'n' Roll Heaven need to expand for tax purposes or something? Damn.

This song I actually wasn't familiar with, but I'm glad the scramble to find Prince-related content brought me to it.


susan said...

Yes, that was a real shock when I went by The Guardian last night to check on something else and discovered the news he'd died suddenly. What an awful loss.

That's a good performance video you found. I'm glad we were at the Providence premiere of Purple Rain along with a crowd of already devoted fans. Happy too we got to see him in concert twice. The first was at Worcester, MA at the only indoor arena in New England that had doors big enough to accommodate the track built around the stage so he could enter in a little red Corvette. The other time was in Portland, front row seats and Sheila E. playing a drum kit on top of a column that rose twenty feet or more above the stage as she played. The audiences at both shows were the most diverse I've ever seen at any rock show. Everybody loved Prince.

Did you see the picture of the rainbow over Paisley Park the next day? I'm guessing there was a big welcome waiting in Heaven.

Ben said...

I heard from a coworker when I was at work. It certainly came as a nasty shock.

That must have been fun being in the crowd for those two live shows. Especially seeing an elevated Sheila E. Of all his sidemen and - yes, Virginia - sidewomen, she may have the most star power. Wendy and Lisa are great too, but they're more low-key, studio type musicians.

It was only after hearing about it from you that I knew about the rainbow and went looking for it. That was a beautiful, poignant image, and made me feel a little better.