Friday, April 29, 2016

Inside the Gipper

Well, I'm certainly not going to tell Patti Davis not to feel the way she does. Only human. Still, this movie project sounds interesting.

Of course many people not related to Reagan by blood or remarriage still take him very... I was going to say personally, but that's not quite it. He quickly became a plaster saint for the bulk of the conservative movement.

So a movie like this might not be makeable, that is possible to finance or release without theatres being burnt to the ground, for a few generations. Look for it on automated floating cube.


susan said...

It did sound like an interesting concept for a movie and not nearly so harsh as the original reports made it out to be. But the problem remains that making any kinds of jokes about dementia is tasteless.

Playing GW Bush as a dim bulb is fair, since his foolishness was natural, and not caused by any otherwise tragic debilitating medical circumstance. If Chevy Chase trips as Gerald Ford, it’s funny; if he falls over as FDR trying to walk, it isn’t.

Regardless what one feels about President Reagan (and I didn't like him for many very good reasons), he didn't choose to die from Alzheimer’s.

Ben said...

True, and I would hope everyone understands that. Whether the script made light of dementia as such I wouldn't know without seeing it. That may have just been an assumption based on a comedian being temporarily attached to the project.