Friday, April 1, 2016

Springing(?) into the weekend

They're predicting a polar vortex will hit New York this weekend, with the cold and wet weather that implies. I'm curious as to whether we'll get any of that in New England. Certainly hasn't hit us yet. The radiator in the room I'm typing this is comatose.

Haven't done a Final Songs in a while, since I've been doing another heavy-composition blog series. Hope to do one sometime in the first half of April, though.


susan said...

Them and their polar vortices. Can't they just agree the weather is changeable in early spring? We have rain here but there are flowers blooming now and the grass is hinting at turning green again.

Ben said...

Well, the Sunday after I wrote this we did get freezing weather and a lot of hail. Then a bunch of snow on Monday. Suffice it to say April's been a roller coaster.

Hope you're enjoying the flowers.