Sunday, January 24, 2016

Whiteout weekend

I have a theory that when it snows on the weekend, everybody goes into emergency shutdown mode much quicker.A storm is a storm, but it gets inflated. No one really wants to work on Saturday anyway.

This past one was a string of little inconveniences. Some places never opened, like the library. Others closed early sometimes before I could get there and sometimes not, but when not I was cutting it close a lot.

A Meetup I was in on wound up not happening, but I only found out when I realized I was the only one there.

Of course looking at other parts of the country, hung up by much larger snowstorms than they're used to, and with a few fatalities, it becomes clear. Not only are thse First World problems, even some others in the First World have it wrose.


susan said...

When the Blizzard of '78 struck it was our first winter in RI so I had no experience of how winter snowstorms were viewed in general. However, after witnessing the poor cleanup job afterwards it came as no surprise to me to see people panic at every snowfall that was forecast thereafter. It seems things have remained the same there.

The thing about first world attitudes is that nothing really bad can ever happen there. It comes as a sad shock.

Ben said...

Yes, it's not quite like the South where two inches can paralyze the whole region. Then again, some of those states have more of an excuse. We're not as prepared as one might think, though. As it turned out, rising temperatures did a lot of the cleanup.