Saturday, January 16, 2016

The locked door

The branch library was closed today because it's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday. Which gives the people working there a three day weekend. Which might be good, I don't know. Two weeks ago it was closed Saturday because it was the day after New Year, and the Saturday before that because it was the day after Christmas. (Officially the US doesn't have Boxing Day.)

The thing about closing on the Saturday before a Monday holiday is a regular feature, although I'd forgotten about it. On regular weeks they're open six days a week, Sunday excluded, but with limited hours. So I have to wonder when you add in extended holidays does that make it hard to work forty hours a week, and also accrue personal vacation time?

Haven't heard any of them complain. And it's possible I'm just making up problems where none exist for anyone else because the closings kind of inconvenience me. But part of me is just genuinely curious.


susan said...

I imagine their situation is similar to the unofficial day after Thanksgiving one I remember (since I worked Mon-Fri the others didn't count). We used vacation time to cover the day off.

Ben said...

Probably. We cover snow days like that. It's just in that antsy grey area of like a holiday, but not quite a holiday.