Monday, January 18, 2016

Good approach

I'll probably see Anomalisa at some point, because it looks interesting. I'm not in a big hurry, though. I respected Synecdoche, New York when I saw it, but watching it felt like holding a movie's hand all night and keeping it away from the knife drawer. (They say compassion is a virtue, but I don't have the time.)

I do, however, admire the way Burr starts his interview off here. Charlie Kaufman strikes me as a potentially difficult interview. Not necessarily someone who'd sabotage an interview - which some subjects do - but maybe someone who'd bail at the first sign of trouble. So asking his advice on a subject that has the potential to be embarrassing to the interviewer is a cunning move. It establishes a kind of equality between the three of them, and allows the conversation to flow in a more relaxed way.


susan said...

Now I've seen the trailer for Synecdoche, New York I get the idea it's supposed to represent something like the essence of the place as it is around about now. I think your description of 'holding a movie's hand all night and keeping it away from the knife drawer' is very apt. It's not a film I think I'd have much patience with.

The interview mad it sound as though Synecdoche wasn't all that well received by the critics and that he wanted to do something quite different (and maybe more popular?). I'd already seen a trailer for Anomalisa and did think it looked to be kind of intriguing even though I'll be happy enough to wait for it to show up on our radar some time.

I enjoyed reading the interview. Kaufman is definitely an engaging character and insightful too. I smiled when I read 'enlightenment isn't something that stays with you'. Of course, that's true for most of us but not for a buddha.

Ben said...

There probably is a sense in which he's trying something different. I mean, it's different form just about everything. He seems to go back and forth on being a humorist, which is interesting.

Of course even a buddha has to make some effort at being a buddha, from what I understand.