Sunday, January 3, 2016

Not so invisible

invisible cities animation from ceciliareeve on Vimeo.

Intriguing bit of animation here. Some parts of it remind me of Terry Gilliam's Python work, but overall it's a different experience.

I've actually read the book that inspired it. Seems to be a loose interpretation, but I'll have to reread it one of these days to remind myself. Calvino's a pretty intense pleasure.


susan said...

It looks to me a lot like Terry Gilliam's Python style. Not long ago I read that he came up with that style after spending time at the Victoria and Albert where he was able to purchase a load of replica cards on the cheap.

My favorites of Calvino's work were his 'Cosmicomics'.

Ben said...

The way things move has earmarks of Gilliam's work, definitely. That's an interesting bit of background about the way he came up with his style. It's good to be able to use the material that's available to you, and especially to be inspired by it to new forms.

I haven't read "Cosmicicomics" in a long time. I should probably take another look at it.