Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Motion sickness

There are ways in which I may not be suited to this modern age. Animated GIFs, for example. They bug me. I can deal with one here or there, but they show up everywhere. And more than one in a single blog post/article/message board is too much. I have a feeling something like this may have an interesting point, but I'm too distracted to get there.

What's the root of my aversion? GIFs never advance but never stop, either. They just repeat the same 3 second action over and over. And I've had periods where my mind has fallen into that kind of repetition. That's when I look for a way to get out of it. I'm certainly not going out to look for more.


susan said...

Every so often I'll see one that's just right but that's rare. The vast majority of GIFs don't seem to serve any purpose other than that of adding some irritation when you're trying to read something. The worst are those that are off to one side of a news article. Then there are the videos you can't find immediately that start to play when you open a website. I'm probably not suited either - and I don't want to be.

Ben said...

Argh, yeah, videos that invite themselves to start playing are frustrating. If you weren't counting on noise coming from your machine, or if you were listening to music in another window, those are aggravating. Sometimes those things may be economically necessary, but still an annoyance.