Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Something in the air

So today after work I was walking from my workplace to the bus stop. I walk through this spot on the sidewalk, slightly shaded. Feel something, well, lot's of little somethings, hitting my face and hair. Is this water? No, it's not wet. Dust or dirt? Not quite.

No, Virginia, what's spraying me is a bunch of flies. Tiny flies, probably just hatched. The thing is, though, they're persistent. They follow you. For many minutes after that I have to scratch my head and pat down my clothes to make sure they're not still on me. The feeling of discomfort didn't completely go away for over an hour, after I'd also run my head under the tap at home. So next time I'm not crossing the street until I'm well past that house.

But it makes me wonder. What are the people on that property doing that there's a huge cloud of young flies hovering over the sidewalk in front? Should I be searching the missing persons reports?


susan said...

Considering the fact that when fly larva are hatched they're already full grown flies my impression is that you walked into a cloud of gnats. Now I don't know what they were doing there on a cool autumn afternoon either. It's strange but at least you won't have to file a police report. I'm sure that will be a relief for you.

Ben said...

Ah, I remembered seeing similar clouds around the time I had the fly infestation of my old place. Maybe I had gnats too but the flies ate them. Which is nice, except then I had all these flies hanging around.

I"m sure the police will be relieved I won't be filing a report too. It's easier all around.