Friday, October 23, 2015


I read an article about this band in the arts section of one of the free local interest magazines you see lying around here and there. Truth to tell whatever curiosity the story aroused in me was of the very idle kind. And yet, it was enough for me to do some websurfing looking for their music. I found a few songs that really wowed me. And not just the fact that one member looks like a scaled-down Dwayne Johnson.

This is sort of an atypical performance in that it's 75% a capella* but it captures a lot of their charm.

* Yeah, I know, either you're pregnant or your not.


susan said...

Other than the acoustics being pretty awful their song sounded good. They also look as though they really enjoy each other's company.

Ben said...

The room wasn't really made for musical performance, and maybe the recording device wasn't either. But you're right that they have a pretty nice chemistry with each other.