Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Get ready to catch that glass

// TURNOPHONE pt.1 // from Egoless on Vimeo.

This clip isn't exactly what I was looking for. Only because there was no way I could have known this exact thing was out there to look for. Glad I found it, though. What I appreciate is that while this musical setup could play itself, theoretically, the inventor shows some compositional initiative by switching it up here and there.


susan said...

You had me worried about that glass. :) It's such a funky setup all by itself made even more interesting by the inventor feeling relaxed enough to make adjustments and participate in what would have otherwise been a purely mechanical endeavor. I liked it.

Ben said...

Well something could have potentially happened to the glass at least But yeah, I don't know how much he had worked with this thing before, but he had definitely loosened up to the point where he could play around with it. Fun stuff.