Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Sod the spelling"

Feef from Hippy Parents on Vimeo.

Simon Burrowes is his name, according to the caption under the video at Vimeo. I don't think I got every word, being basically American even though I had North Country grandparents. I like what I hear, though. Amazing what some people can make poetry out of.


susan said...

That really was great, the sentiments were easy to understand, weren't they? A couple of years ago I found this English dialect translator that's kind of fun. I'd say, in this case, the closest idiom might be the Ali G one with some Cockney rhyming slang mixed in. Your granddad was a Geordie but your nanna spoke the queen's English (she moved to the south country - St. Alban's - when she was 15).

Ben said...

Man, there's an Ali G translator now? What will they think of next? But yeah, that does sound about right. It's the dialect of the London streets with a few new influences thrown in.

When I found out what Geordie was a few years ago I realized that's what Grandad was. To a lot of American ears I suspect he would have sounded Scottish. Nanna was indeed different. I guess the Geordie accent didn't really fly when she was working for wealthier relatives.