Friday, October 2, 2015

Putting the brrrr in October

It's interesting how this year the change of seasons has lined up almost exactly with the transition from one month to the next. Summer seemed to be hanging on for just about all of September. Especially during the day, but at night it was still quite warm and humid. Come October first, though, and we have raw days and downright cold nights. Quite a bit of rain, too, although Joaquin seems to have headed elsewhere.

For me at least there's a measure of relief. It no longer feels suicidal to walk down the street wearing more than one layer. Others may feel differently.


susan said...

We've noticed the same thing around here with September being unusually hot and humid in our experience. Now October's definitely here, wet and growing cooler by the day. I'm hoping there'll be many nice weather days to come, but I'll be planning on wearing a jacket for any trips outside. After all, if it's warm the jacket can always be carried.

Ben said...

Generally a jacket's a good idea. Didn't really need one during the day today, as it's been one of those weeks. You never know, though.