Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Two bits

Let's see, what's happening today?

For one, Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have won another term as Prime Minister of Israel. Guess that endorsement from Anders Breivik really paid off.*

* Joke, if slightly bitter

On the subject of things sticking around, we're not out of winter's clutches. Certainly with the wind it's felt like sub-zero weather. Some chance of snow over the weekend, too. To me, all that's just funny. Mostly because it will cause grumbling.


susan said...

Bitter jokes are entirely appropriate in this case.

We haven't escaped its clutches yet either - proved by the fact we had nearly a foot of snow on Sunday followed by two more yesterday. haven't seen this much all at once since the Blizzard of '78.

Ben said...

I think I had been lulled into optimism by reading the polls.

This has been a heavy winter all right. Luckily, and this was something I fretted a little about, we didn't have huge heavy rains before the thaw got underway. Can you imagine the flooding?