Monday, March 2, 2015

In depth

It was a relatively warm day today. Given the past month or so we had, that meant a lot of melt. Which meant puddles, deep and broad, and mad scrambles not to get ankle deep in water. A sign of things to come? Probably. What are you gonna do?

I'll be back.


susan said...

Since it was sunny and warmer here today we decided to take what is a usual 15 minute walk to the bank and the grocery store. It took us longer than an hour and we almost drowned several times :) Not only are those curbside pools deep they're also very wide.

Ben said...

Oh yes, we've had those "tread carefully" days here as well. One good thing, though, is that the first days of heavy rain didn't come until we got some melt, so that the grates in the street weren't clogged.