Saturday, March 21, 2015

Browsing the Saturday Random Ten

So I've heard that Microsoft is discontinuing Exlorer and launching a new browser called "Spartan", or at least that's the name they're leaning towards. And it seems to me that IE has been acting especially buggy in recent months. Even if you have the most recent version, you get a lot of forced typos (where a character or space you know you typed in doesn't appear onscreen) and "Not Responding". So has this been deliberate self-sabotage to make their new product look better? Or is that giving them too much credit?

1. Lou Rawls - Groovy People
2. Magnetic Fields - Desert Island
3. Broadcast - The Black Cat
4. Nellie McKay - I Will Be There
5. The Kinks - Harry Rag
6. Les Baxter - Ruby
7. Roxy Music - Editions of You
8. Elvis Costello - You'll Never Be a Man
9. Mose Allison - Baby Please Don't Go
10. Fitz & the Tantrums - Break the Walls


susan said...

The last time I used any MS browsers was when I worked at OHSU - the most recent update we had at the time was Vista. From what I've been told IE has been problematic from the start so your difficulties might be explained by that. Can you install a different browser?

FR10s and SR10s are always good to see - especially when I see the names of songs and artists I know. That's a great Lou Rawls song (what a voice) as is Harry Rag and Mose Allison singing Baby Please Don't Go.

Ben said...

I did recently install another browser, and don't really see myself using IE again. While I predict Microsoft will stand, they might regret neglecting that part of their outfit. A lot of people will be disinclined to use their new browser even if it's an improvement.

I've been listening to some older Mose Allison stuff, which will probably make its way here soon. The man's got some cool tunes.