Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My higher threshold?

For the record I have a little more confidence in Trevor Noah now. Or perhaps I should say #trevornoah. When they first announced he was taking over The Daily Show I figured that he was a typical submissive, Economist reading TED talk kind of media figure, and I'm still not entirely convinced he's not. Still, having seemingly all of social media jump down his throat for mildly offensive jokes does add some texture.

As for the jokes themselves, at least one of his "antisemitic" gags (the German car one) would be one of the milder bits in Sarah Silverman's act. At least one other is only antisemitic by the standard of "never criticize Israel ever" and anyway he seems to be part Jewish himself. Also the fact that he's not into fat chicks means chubby chasers everywhere can breathe easier knowing that's one less good looking brother in competition with them.


susan said...

I knew Jon Stewart was leaving the Daily Show and that someone else had been chosen to replace him, but that's about all. Now I've seen his picture and have read he's the son of a black S. African Jewish mother and a Swiss father. That he was raised in Soweto during apartheid makes him deserve some kind of break.

We haven't seen the Daily Show in years but do enjoy watching episodes of John Oliver's 'This Week Tonight' when they're posted to youtube.

Ben said...

Soweto was a rough area, I know, as well as being an important one to the fall of apartheid.

Hopefully he'll be funny. That'll be the first hurdle.