Sunday, November 9, 2014

Your avian moment of Zen

Owls are fascinating creatures. Those massive eyes of theirs and the ability to turn their heads all the way make them highly effective predators. Apparently they have a playful side too.

The second video shows this owl's response to the caw of a crow. A visitor from another bird culture, you might say.

When I looked these videos up on YouTube, both were preceded by a brief ad for the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie. I'm not sure what to make of that.


susan said...

Wow, the little owl really did enjoy his bath once he'd been in the bowl for a bit. I quite enjoyed the drying part even if not quite as much as he did. The one watching the crows was also nice. The eyes are very intense, aren't they? You have to wonder what they see that we don't.

Thanks for not subjecting your audience to the 50 Shades of Grey ad.

Ben said...

You're right that they see something we don't. As to what it is? ¿Quien sabe? One thing we can learn from animmals is to just not assume our perspective is the only one. Althought the cuteness factor was pretty big in my putting this up.

I can't really control the ads. That sort of depends on the whim of YouTube, which is one reason I like showing Vimeo and other services here and there.