Thursday, November 20, 2014


I took a trip to the East Side post office today. This is the one where they don't open their phones, ever. And yet it's far and away my favorite post office. Sometimes they play tuneful old records. Mor importantly they have some of the nicest and funniest postal workers I've ever met. As far as the no phone answering, no voicemail or anything thing, I guess it's not that bad if you know about it going in.


susan said...

So far as I know no local post offices in the US have answered outside calls for years. I think when they don't answer ones you hear ringing it's because they don't want to talk to the boss.

Canadian post offices are very different. For one, they're all in drug stores and for two, they pay minimum wage at those places. Stamps cost nearly $1. each, you have to pay $60. for an address change, and they charge extra for long distance parcels inside the country - never mind the international charges. Plus, they operate only five days a week and still maintain they're going broke (an excuse for cutting services further if you ask me).

Ben said...

I didn't realize that the non-answering of phones was a general thing. Not wanting to talk to the boss is something I can relate to. Actually in my current job most of my conversations with my supervisor are pleasant, which is a plus, but I've been in other situations. Still, if you keep blowing off your boss' phonecalls there's a risk he'll show up in person.

Canadian post offices sound frustrating. What's weird is that it sounds a lot like what free market warriors down here would like to do to the USPS. I doubt they'd use the word "Canadianize", though.