Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On the road

I came back home after work and saw my street blocked off to traffic. Not to foot traffic, thankfully. They were repaving. Then I went out, came back, it was dark, and they were still at it. So I congratulate my street on getting new asphalt and stuff through it. Probably was needed, although I'm sure somoene's hoping we remember this the next election too.


susan said...

Street repaving seems to go on nine months of the year in this town. Then winter comes and they drive heavy snow moving equipment over it making the nine month repaving effort necessary again.

susan said...

We got a very welcome little package in the mail today, one that contained a very cool card, plus, something lovely that we needed. I'm looking at a pair of eastern bluebirds right this minute :)

Many thanks and heartfelt felicitations. ♡

Ben said...

It's a system that works, I guess. Well, a system they haven't felt the need to fix, at least. I imagine the elements are a little capricious from the point of view of Nova Scotia roads.

Very glad you liked the gift. It was a sort of impulse buy I thought might be appropriate for you guys.