Friday, November 14, 2014


This will be a Saturday Random Ten week. I forgot about the FR10 last night and today, more or less. There was slightly more than usual to keep track of, albeit not really in a bad way.

In the meantime, here's something kind of cool. A commenter posted this over at Alicublog in a thread about great cover versions. I'd say it qualifies.


numb said...

cool! if anyone's deserving of some angry female deconstruction, it's likely mick jagger. this video also manages to answer the age-old question: can one perform a duet with someone without ever making eye contact or sharing a smile? brrrrr!...

yeah, i know. can't help it: i prefer my duets all warm'n'fuzzy :) :

Ben said...

Well, maybe the lyrics of "Satisfaction" don't encourage that kind of bonding. It is all "I I I."

Strangely enough I think I have seen this performance before, although I'm not sure how I found it. Freddie's body language was that of a particularly aggressive conductor, so he made a good pairing with an opera singer.