Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No washout

I took today off because I had the time and there were a few things I needed to do. Yesterday was a full-blown tempest around here, with flash flood warnings and the whole bit. So even though it's turned colder today, I'm overall glad that I didn't take yesterday off from work. Especially since one of the things I needed to do was laundry.

For some reason this video of Kate Beaton reading her Hark, a Vagrant! comics aloud feels apt.


susan said...

It's good you can take some time off as needed and better still you missed a crappy day yesterday. Bad enough carrying laundry - never mind through a deluge.

Another funny guy from the New Yorker is the guy who wrote this piece.

Ben said...

Cold, dry weather is actually kind of good for carrying laundry, because at least you're not sweaty. Rain would, of course, be less than ideal.

Colin Stokes chose a difficult header to live up to - or it was chosen for him - but it did turn out to be really funny.