Friday, August 29, 2014


Today I...

Had to do a couple of items of business at my local library branch.  They close a little ahead of six on Fridays.  Friday was the deadline because the branch will be closed on Saturday and Monday, due to the holiday, and is always closed Sunday.

So I had to be there earlier than I would have had the chance to normally.  Got around this by eating lucnh at my desk.Finally I did make that trip and picked up what I needed to pick up, as well as some other stuff.

And I solved today's crossword, despite being at the groggy state of the night.  So, happy Labor Day to all, where applicable


susan said...

Glad you made it to the library in good time to take care of your necessities.

There's an enormous new library scheduled to open here soon that we hope will have a better selection than the old one. Would you believe they had only paperback fiction?

Ben said...

Yeah, that was kind of satisfying.

Only paperback fiction? I have nothing against paperbacks, but it sounds like a rather limited selection, and lacking in recent titles. I hope the city of Halifax realizes this harms their standing as a city and rectifies things.