Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Get up, stand up

I sometimes envy natural squeaky wheels, people who enjoy fighting.  It does seem to be a basic part of life, after all.

Self-advocacy doesn't come naturally to me.  If I think I'm being overlooked or taken advantage of, I need time to draw up a case and learn the arguments that will bolster it.  And no matter how reasonable or even minimal my request is, it always occurs to me that I might be met with a "How dare you?" or a "Fuck you" enforced with a hammer-blow to the head. Of course if that were to actually happen I know it's time to escalate.  But the wait makes me nervous.

That said, the occasion that triggered these thoughts resulted tonight in my sending a politely worded email and receiving a polite email and mostly getting what I wanted.  So my not being hot-blooded isn't totally a bad thing.


susan said...

How you advocate for yourself is very much an essential part of one's character. I think a tendency to be non-confrontational is both moral and civilized. Looks like it worked for you again :)

Ben said...

Well, it turned out I was talking to a fairly reasonable person, so that helped. :)