Thursday, August 21, 2014

Clean bills of health

And we're back.

I've had a bit of a tech crisis here, whcih is the reason I've been out for a couple of days.  A surprisingly unsubtle malware took over my laptop, and I had to find a way to get rid of it.

This interrrupted the telling of my most recent visit to the dental hygienist.  Almost complete lack of pain, which potentially could be a bad thing but wasn't.  My teeth and gums look great , apparently.  And I have above average saliva production, which is good if weired.


susan said...

Did you have to take it in to get your hard drive scrubbed or were you able to take care of the problem at home?

I'm glad to hear your dental visit went okay and that all is well. It's surprising to learn saliva is that important, eh?

Ben said...

Managed to solve the problem at home. Knock on wood, needless to say.

And hell, you never know what's gonna turn out to be important.