Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A colorful, dangerous world

In my optical wanderings (not as unhealthy as it might sound) I've found a lot to like about Simone Haack, a German painter, and a fairly young one.

She's good at faces and figures.This is highly expressive, fever dream stuff.  She might bear a heavy heritage from the Dutch Baroque artists.  Frans Hals seems like he could recognize her as one of his own.

The color work in this collections bears a starkness that could almost be black and white.  If that makes any sense.


susan said...

You're right, her work really is very intriguing and more than a little macabre in its own way. Almost as if she sees through the ennui of our age, she paints her characters portraits using a cadaverous palette.

It was pretty neat looking at Franz Hals' work again. We can be glad of having such a true record of how ordinary people looked in a time before photography.

On an entirely different note, Jer just found this 2007 video that's still pretty amusing.

Ben said...

Good point about the cadaverous coloring of her characters, which I hadn't thought to put in those terms. A lot of things I like to look at are somewhat on the macabre side, for whatever reason.

Yeah, it's cool that Hals had an expansive idea of whom to paint. A lot of artists only painted court figures, which certainly distorts our view of the time. Of course now there's photographic documentation of every moment of life, so you go from one extreme for another.

Liked the Arrogant Worms' song. I had a feeling they were riffing on "The Battle of New Orleans" even before they quoted it.