Saturday, March 29, 2014

Screening the Saturday Random Ten*

* That I actually started compiling on Friday, but this wasn't able to be a Friday Random Ten for technical and other reasons.

The RISD Museum has set a couple of rooms together for a couple of months for an Andy Warhol exhibit.  It sounded interesting, so I figured I'd take a little time on the weekend to see it.

In one room they were projecting a reel of Warhol Screen Tests.  They're four minutes apiece and I couldn't have sat through the whole thing if I wanted to, but I'm glad to have seen what I did, which was most of two and all of one in the middle.  One showed Ivy Nicholson, one of the Superstars and a very pretty brunette back then, smiling mildly at the camera.  One of her eyes is deep in shadow, though.  It was kind of freaking me out, like, does she even have two eyes?  (Apparently yes.)

None of his paintings or prints are in this exhibit, although the screenprint on canvas "Race Riot" is in their permanent collection.  The other two rooms were taken up by his photographs.  The Polaroids didn't interest me much.  The Minolta SLR pictures are another story. Most of them are taken with high speed black and white film, and they also appear to have been taken at high speeds.  Like he might have been surprised to see the exposure later.

1. Neil Young - Thrasher
2. Beck - Say Goodbye
3. Chic - Real People
4. Lower Dens - Lamb
5. Pink Martini - Je ne t'aime plus
6. Amy Winehouse - Take the Box
7. Arcade Fire - We Exist
8. Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross - Everybody's Boppin'
9. The Bird and the Bee - Polite Dance Song
10. Taj Mahal - Cakewalk Into Town


susan said...

Patience with Andy Warhol's film work was never one of my strong points. I once sat through about two hours of Chelsea Girls before I couldn't take any more. Now that so much time has passed I might find it interesting to watch some of the shorts.

However, I'd definitely enjoy seeing the photographs. Apparently, the Polaroid company continued to make the type of camera he used just because of him and a number of those pictures were used for his larger prints. From what I can understand you hit it lucky being able to see them since I've read they're mostly kept in storage.

Nice FR10 on Saturday. I've always been very fond of Cakewalk Into Town in particular.

Ben said...

Hmmm. Yeah, I think dialogue and the expectation that you'll be sitting down to watch a story might not be the best thing for his work. Although I understand he generally had other people direct the longer works. In any case while I might check out something like Chelsea Girls out of curiosity, I'm not sure I'd make it through.

That's cool to know about Polaroid keeping the camera in production for him. Sounds like the kind of influence he'd enjoy having.

"Cakewalk Into Town" almost always makes me smile too.