Thursday, February 27, 2014

The white stuff

We got more snow today.  I'd say when I first went out to lunch I felt little droplets, and when I came back bif fluffy flakes were falling. When someone at work asked about it, I said it was fluffy (as I mentioned before.)  Not really something to worry about.  We weren't going to get snowed in.  In point of fact when I left work at fiveish the snow had long since stopped with I'd estimate 1.5 inches on the ground. 

During the big storms, yeah, that was annoying.  But something like this people go "ugh, more snow" and I just shrug.  It's a perfect opportunity for stoicism.  I like not being bothered by stuff.  Which shouldn't be taken as an assertion that I never am, but you know.


susan said...

When it snows at the end of February we can be comfortably sure it won't stay long. Meanwhile, it puts a nice clean cover over the nasty buildup that's been left.

Ben said...

Yeah, it'll be lighter jacket weather soon enough. And it's true, covering up the slushy snow isn't a bad thing.