Sunday, February 23, 2014

The deal with Rastafarianism

A friend of mine asked tonight what Rastafarianism is.  We had just heard some semi-reggaeish music on a PA system.  I had to tell him I didn't know much about it.  Without looking it up on Wikipedia or a more specialized source I can tell you that the central Deity is basically the Judeao-Christian-Muslim God, that Africa is treated as the Holy Land, and that while a lot of worshippers are based in Jamaica, it's not the majority religion in that country.

Also, if I were to greatly increase my marijuana intake and buy a red-green-yellow knit hat, that would not make me a Rastafarian.  It's a little stricter than that.


susan said...

You would also have to grow massive amounts of hair for your dreads, mon.

Ben said...

Yeah, that's not happening. I'd have to buy a dreadful wig. Interpret that as you like.