Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Language is a Virus (from Outer Space) - Laurie Anderson from Mondo Kane on Vimeo.

Great song. Possibly dated visuals, but only because of the hyperactive editing.

"There was a beautiful view that nobody could see/Because everybody on the island was shouting 'Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!'"

I've thought about that lyric recently because I'm writing a story where, when I first conceived of it, the three main characters were all freaks and grifters. And I realized that was the problem. They were all shouting and pouting for attention, and it was keeping me from getting anywhere. At least someone in the story has to be kind of colorless and timid. The upside for them is that they've got an author who understands that.

Of course the "Look at me! Look at me!" syndrome exists in a lot of places.


susan said...

It is a great song and she was always a great performer too in those days.

Yeah, it's probably a good idea to have some distinct differences between characters in anything you write.

I don't agree with the colorless and timid part if you're describing the author.

Ben said...

Yeah, she was/is onto something. Lou picked well.

It wasn't really an attempt at self-abasement, although becuase of the colorful exaggeration - irony of ironies - I can see how it can come off that way. It's like this: I've read enough novels and stories where the author goes out of their way to play up the specialness of their characters. Expecially frequent in YA fiction, understandably, but you see it in adult lit as well. Whereas I think you're better off just diving into the material and having faith in the reader to understand that everyone is special, and that goes for real life too.