Friday, February 21, 2014

A puddle of Friday Random Tens

So yes, today, rain. And relatively warm weather. Meaning that the rather towering levels of snow that had accumulated are going down. Which could possibly obscure the fact that the city neglected the basics of snow removal and road maintenance, especially the last time.  I do wonder how many people will remember.  The gaping potholes might help them on this account.

Thanks to the fellow who gave me a ride home.  The rain wasn't heavy for the most part, but there were a couple of moments I wouldn't have wanted to get caught out in.

1. Arcade Fire - Joan of Arc
2. Imperial Teen - It's You
3. Taj Mahal - She Caught the Katy (and Left Me a Mule to Ride)
4. R.E.M. - Feeling Gravity's Pull
5. Mose Allison - Molecular Structure
6. Pink Martini - Ich Dich Liebe
7. Scissor Sisters - Better Luck Next Time
8. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold
9. Ladytron - Beauty 2
10. Jimmy Smith - I Didn't Know What Time It Was


susan said...

With the word 'austerity' rearing its ugly head everywhere I'm not surprised Providence missed some snow removal duties this winter. Of course, I also remember a time when you were young there was a scandal when it turned out the city maintenance manager had sold half of the snow removal equipment the previous summer. Oh yes, pothole will remind people.

Things were essentially fine around here after the first heavy snowfall in December that seemed to have caught them by surprise. Otherwise, we've noticed the city spends most of the warm weather months digging and resurfacing roads for the coming winter. It's something of a habit with them.

I'm glad to know you got a ride home. There are some rainfalls you really don't want to be out walking in.

Nice FR10. I'd forgotten that Bonzo song until I saw the great title. 'Feeling Gravity's Pull' and Molecular Structure' are a great combo too.

Ben said...

What amazes me about "austerity" is that the economists and - more often - political pundits who push for it are the ones least affected by the results. Politicians at least might be frustrated in their reelection campaigns, although this seems to be the exception rather than the rule. The rest of us are just supposed to sit around and applaud. Anyway, funny - and telling - story about the guy selling the equipment.

It sounds like the city of Halifax has a better idea of what to do about the winter weather. A little foresight helps.

It is a great title, definitely. And one of REM's trippier songs.