Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The guest of honor

Two times in as many days they've told us that the Big One is coming, the snowstorm that's going to bury us. Hasn't quite worked out like that. Sunday night going into Monday we got snow mixed with rain, but the latter predominated so much that no snow was left over by Monday lunchtime. Today we've got some accumulation, but very shallow and basically only on patches of greass. Don't get me wrong, though. We've definitely crossed into some wintry patterns. Just not the way it's been cracked up to be.


susan said...

Remembering just how long it took for things to return to normal after the infamous Blizzard of 78 I'll keep my fingers crossed you don't get a big one. It is cold though and just about as snowy as you describe around here right now.

Ben said...

As I write this on Sunday we just had a genuine snowstorm last night. Snow with a little rain towards the end but with the snow resolutely still there come morning. Not a blizzard, though, and seeing basically the whole world shut down after the blizzard we had at the end of last year that's fine with me.