Monday, December 16, 2013

Shaver's war journal

Day 1: Saturday
Hacked my chin up pretty bad.  Crusted over.  Soon forgot about it.

Day 2: Sunday
Razor fell on exact same spot, opening the wound.  Hurt like a bitch.  Eventually re-scabbed.

Day 3: Monday
Didn't shave, both because of time restrictions and I don't need the heartbreak.

Day 4: Tuesday
To be determined


susan said...

I was 13 and home alone when I decided to use my Dad's to shave my legs for the first time. I didn't know that every time he used his double edged razor he cleaned it and then released the blade. It was a good thing the neighbour next door was well versed in first aid. I hope your wound is healing.

Ben said...

Yeah, a day off was pretty much all I needed to recover. That's quite the story you have, though. I'm glad your neighbor was home.