Sunday, December 8, 2013

In various nutshells

For all the cameras out there - public and private - it doesn't seem more people are really looking, really seeing what's around them than before. Probably not many fewer are either. It's just that there's an imbalance.


This photographer, Lisa Kereszi, does seem to have it on the ball. Her compositions capture both beauty and decay - the latter in the natural sense, not necessarily the gothy ones. These pictures don't have a lot of people in them, but you can picture a human element.


susan said...

I like her pictures very much - the images you chose are surreal but not bizarre. I love the curious crow in the first one and the second definitely made me look twice. Not only is it odd to see the bench facing out to sea with the glass in front (maybe necessary if those waves are usual) but the fire hydrant appears to be excess to needs.

If there are more cameras around and fewer people seeing what's around them it seems likely to me it's because they're mostly taking pictures of themselves or ones of their friends standing in front of something else.

Ben said...

Is that a real crow, I wonder? The picture is of a haunted house inspired by Psycho, but I'd like if it were real. It's fairly convincing, anyway. And I hadn't really noticed the fire hydrant until you mentioned it, but it is kind of strange to see one just on some extended patch of grass. Maybe for forest fires? The glass in front of the bus stop makes sense, but the fireplug is a puzzler.

Little things happen all around and so many people miss them. I don't begrudge people taking selfies in general, but maybe there is a connection.