Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Random Ten with bells on

There was a work holiday party this week. Specifically for the department I work for, as opposed to the whole agency. The unusual thing is that I work off-site - another guy and me - as far as the rest of the department is concerned. Not parsecs away, but another building owned by the agency. So for some of the others, the ones who used to be closer neighbors, it was a nice little reunion. For others, it was like a visit from St. Nick's elves.

1. They Might Be Giants - Celebration
2/ Jimmy Smith - I'm Just a Lucky So-and-So
3. Talk Talk - Today
4. The Bird and the Bee - What's in the Middle
5. Amy Winehouse - October
6, The White Stripes - Cannon
7. Joni Mitchell - Furry Sings the Blues
8. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Night Rally
9. Ladytron - Whitelightgenerator
10. Pink Martini featuring Meow Meow - I'm Waiting for You


susan said...

The nicest thing about this time of the year is being able to enjoy holiday parties with people we don't see too often. I hope you had fun.

I especially like the latter part of your FR10. The Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello and Ladytron songs make a good set.

Ben said...

They're very nice people, even (especially?) the ones I took time warming up to. (This was some time ago.) But yeah, it was a good time.

Glad you liked the musical selsctions. Neil Young does a very evocative harmonica thing on "Furry Sings the Blues" too.