Friday, August 9, 2013

Land of dodgy enchantment

Hi-ho, there.  Taking the "Friday" out of Friday Random Ten this week.  Had to refresh the playlist, and didn't get around to it last night.  Saturday it is!

Tonight I watched Ace in the Hole.  I've liked-to-loved most Billy Wilder movies I've seen (Some Like, Apartment, etc) but hadn't seen this one.  It's depressing in terms of plot and maybe a little overcooked, but it certainly makes an impression.  Kirk Douglas is really on fire in this, too.

Also I'm pretty sure it's actually shot on location in New Mexico.  A lot of the exteriors are, at least.  And that is some amazing landscape, between the cubist desert and the cliff-dwellings that are some of the earliest signs of human life in the Americas.


susan said...

Oh yes, the story about the poor guy stuck in a collapsed cave while Kirk Douglas uses his plight to claw his way back to his reporter's job in NY. It wasn't an uplifting movie by any means, but it was extraordinarily realistic about how far things can get out of hand. The arrival of the crowds of tourists was pretty amazing.

I've never seen the American Southwest myself, but it does look amazing.

Ben said...

Yeah, I think what Wilder got was that if someone wants to exploit a tragedy, there's not going to be just one person who decides to do it. It will mushroom.

I've never seen the Southwest up close. I have some friends who have, and I've seen some amazing pictures.