Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Random Ten on the road movie

I just watched Five Easy Pieces tonight.  A little frustrating in that there are a few times when the dialogue is almost impossible to make out, largely in the first third of the movie.  But wow.  It's a great film, and the complaint is a small one.  Hollywood would only finance t these kinds of plot-light, character driven films for a few more years.  The "kind of a prick" approach to writing an antihero isn't as popular as the "kind of a prick, but he carries four guns everywhere he goes.  Still mayor.

EDIT Okay, I have no idea what I meant by "Still mayor."  Seems to have been the product of general grogginess.  Point is, while Bobby Dupea is an antihero, neither the "anti" nor the "hero" part is action oriented in the way that would survive into the age of blockbusters.
1. L'Attirail - Suite en Solde
2. Edith Piaf - Adieu Mon Coeur
3. The Beatles - Glass Onion
4. Martin Denny - Taboo
5. Roxy Music - Dance Away
6. TV on the Radio - Crying
7. Arcade Fire - Black Mirror
8. Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong
9. The New Pornographers - All the Old Showstoppers
10. Nat King Cole - Our Love is Here to Stay


susan said...

Just about the only dialogue I remember from that movie is the restaurant scene: 'So where do you want me to hold the chicken?'.. It really was a good movie and you're right they just don't make Hollywood movies with that kind of sophistication these days. That's one of the main reasons we've spent a lot more movie time watching films made in other countries.

Nice FR10 this week. I was delighted to see you've been listening to L'Attirail.

Ben said...

It's a lucky thing that cinema from other countries is readily available. Maybe not on the big screen, unless, you live in an at least mid-size city. But there are ways.

L'Attirail are always worth a listen.