Friday, August 30, 2013

Change of pace Friday Random Ten

Tomorrow I'm hanging out with a friend who's having a birthday and some other old friends. There's something called the Rhythm and Roots Festival, going on a little further south in the state. So tomorrow I won't be having a leisurely late morning/early afternoon breakfast or taking a trip to the library to pick up an order, which are things I enjoy doing and will happily get back to next weekend. But routines shouldn't be absolute.

1. R.E.M. - Talk About the Passion
2. Yo La Tengo - Point and Shoot
3. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Jazz: Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold
4. Metric - The Void
5. Roxy Music - Stronger Through the Years
6. Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
7. Pink Martini - New Amsterdam
8. The White Stripes - Broken Bricks
9. They Might Be Giants - 9 Secret Steps
10. Nat King Cole - Non Dementicar


susan said...

I hope you had a good day with your friends and fine music as well. Yes, sometimes our routines are enhanced by a little change.

Nice FR10 again. I've always loved that particular REM song too.

Ben said...

It was a pretty good day, if maybe one I was ready to end before it did end. If I'm honest with myself, when I'm forced out of my comfort zone I spend a lot of time trynng to claw my way back in. But it's still a good exercise.

That is a beautiful song, isn't it?