Saturday, August 24, 2013

Frontiers: Friday Random Ten On Saturday

Hi again.  Yes, this is  Friday Random Ten and not Saturday Random Ten because I heard all the songs on Friday, it's just that forgetfulness/sleepiness put the transfer off untul now.  Not something I aim for, but...

Also watched Major Dundee last night.  It's a Sam Peckinpah Western with a mostly subdued Charlton Heston as a Union officer going after Apache raiders, and a less-subdued Richard Harris as a Confederate prisoner assisting him for his men's freedom.  It's longish (2 and a quarter) as a lot of Westerns are.  It's fun, though.  Partly because the motley army raised - Union soldiers, Rebs, freed blacks, some renegade Apache, etc - are definitely not a serene rainbow coalition.  Good performances also by James Coburn, Brock Peters, RG Armstrong, and a mostly comic relief Jim Hutton.  Anyway, it was a good capper to what had been a long, sort of frustrating day to that point.

1. R.E.M. - Sitting Still
2. Yo La Tengo - Watch Out for Me Ronnie
3. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - No Action
4. Metric - Dreams So Real
5. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Hello Mabel
6. Brian Eno - Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
7. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Red House
8. Edith Piaf - Les Trois Cloches
9. TV on the Radio - DLZ
10. Lou Rawls - Street Corner Hustler's Blues/World of Trouble


susan said...

That's a movie we haven't seen in years, a situation we'll have to remedy. Sam Peckinpah directed some great westerns including another favorite of mine, The Wild Bunch. Of course, I always loved Ernest Borgnine too.

You've got another nice FR10 collection here. That Yo La Tengo song certainly provided some wake-up action after REM.

Ben said...

The Wild Bunch is an unexpected place to see Ernest Borgnine, because with a few exceptions he's always gravitated to more cuddly roles. But yeah, I'll have to check that one out again too.

I like that change of pace from Yo La Tengo. A lot of their stuff is slower and more mellow, so this pounding rockabilly number is kind of a surprise.