Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wrapped Saturday Random Ten

Yesterday on the way to work my scarf fell out of my pocket. (I was on my way to work. The scarf doesn't have a job, and would have accompanied me.) I didn't notice until too late. When I got home I retraced my steps outside, not entirely hopeful.  But along the way I saw that someone had picked it up and placed it on a parking lot sign.  Good of them, lucky for me.

1. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - You Belong to Me
2. Patti Smith Group - Kimberly
3. The New Pornographers - All the Old Showstoppers
4. Kat Edmonson - Hopelessly Blue
5. Brian Eno - Some of Them Are Old
6. Love - Alone Again Or
7. M83 - Strong and Wasted
8. Fol Chen - You and Your Sister In Jericho
9. The Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers
10. Nat King Cole - Nature Boy


susan said...

People are often pretty nice about things like that. I found a $100 bill one time that I left for the poor guy who dropped it to find.

Excellent Elvis Costello song topping the wrapped SRT.

Ben said...

Sunday I saw a glasses case fall from an old man's coat and he didn't notice, so I picket it up for him. I'd prefer to do good things for people, although I rarely put myself much out there to do so. The case for my sainthood is slim.

That is one of my favorite Elvis Costello songs. "You act dumb, you say you're so numb..."