Friday, March 8, 2013

Fizzy Friday Random Ten

They seemed to be expecting the worst with the snowstorm going from Thursday into Friday.  We got an email on Thursday of emergency plans if the agency was closed.  Turned out to be not quite like that.  The flakes were big, but in most spots they didn't really accumulate.  I'd call it a picturesque storm, with an eerie wind sound effect.

1. The Magnetic Fields - Torn Green Velvet Eyes
2. Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets
3. Depeche Mode - The Things You Said
4. The Kinks - Lavender Hill
5. Love - You Set the Scene
6. The New Pornographers - Adventures in Solitude
7. Sarah Vaughan - Nice Work If You Can Get It
8. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Pump It Up
9. TV on the Radio - Blues From Down Here
10. Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Basin Street Blues


susan said...

Is it just me or have you noticed there seems to be a tendency to overrate the potential of snow storms after a major one? There has been a lot of snow this winter but most of the accumulation has been inland. Of course, coastal winds can be pretty wild all by themselves.

It's a nice FR10 this week. I haven't heard Here Come the Warm Jets in a long time. The two by Sarah Vaughn and Louis Armstrong are both favorites.

Ben said...

From what I hear Boston got a bigger hit, although still mild by Nemo standards. I think there was more accumulation inland down here too.

I'm not sure if Satchmo wrote that song, but he did a beautiful version.