Monday, March 18, 2013

Mamma mia!

I took a look outside just a few minutes ago.  As the weatherfolk predicted, it's snowing again.  Which means that not only was St Patrick's Day bitter cold and windy, but we'll wake up on St Joseph's Day morning with snow on the ground.  The contrast is striking.  Last year March belonged almost entirely to spring.  This year, winter is making sure it gets every day officially coming to it. 

And there's a source of concern there.  Most people aren't going to keep in mind the potential climate change has to push cold air currents south from the Arctic.  This winter will come as evidence that global warming is a mistake, if not an outright hoax.

You can worry about that, certainly.  Or you can find the whole phenomenon interesting.  I'll confess that it's in my nature to stand back and go with "interesting."

And I'm curious as to whether tomorrow's snow will taste like zeppoli cream.


susan said...

Winter is holding hard around here too with snow forecast tonight and tomorrow. On the weekend the temperatures were down to 'feels like' -15° with the high winds factored in. I don't like it. One should be able to enjoy ones St. Joseph's Day zeppolis while the birds sing and the flowers shine.

I always though the term global warming was a bad one to hand the public when global climate chaos would be more easily understood. Global temperatures are going up but what will come of it isn't known. I told a few people they should buy beachfront property in sunny Labrador but nobody believed me. Still, they were right in that it doesn't change the amount of daylight the place will get.

Interesting for sure, and I hope you haven't packed up your boots yet.

Ben said...

People always say that they'll be ready when spring comes around. I know better from experience. There's always at least a day or two when I go out overdressed.

Global climate chaos is much closer to the truth. We have fairly consistent polar warming, which is bad news for a lot of life forms in those regions, polar bears especially. Outside of that it gets more complex.

Definitely still have my boots out. Good thing, too. The St Joseph's Day snow was followed by St Joseph's Day rain, lots of it. Made the streets pretty gross.