Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taking criticism

This morning a coworker reported the death of Hugo Chavez - which I already knew about - and followed up by saying, "Thank God." So, Chavez was our enemy then? I mean, I have to ask, because while I know he said some things, I can't remember him harming America, or acting against our interest in any material way. Have we become so thin-skinned that anyone we suspect isn't 100% thrilled with us is inflated into Joe Stalin?


susan said...

I always felt sad when people I knew in the workplace would regurgitate the latest opinions fed to them by the msm. Chavez may not have been the greatest leader the world has ever known (that may have been Ghenghis Khan) but his government cut poverty in half in less than 15 years, raised literacy rates, built a new health care system, provided free heating oil to the poor of New England, and kicked Exxon out of the country. Not a bad record in my opinion but reason enough for the ruling class in the US and their media to hate him.

Ben said...

Chavez did seem to have an open-ended president for life job (said life obviously being shorter than might be expected.) That I guess could be seen as something wrong with his regime, although the US has tolerated leaders doing the same through much less democratic means. And yes, he did have a string of accomplishments.