Sunday, March 31, 2013

He'll Have to Go - Tell him to take an umbrella

March came in like a lion and appears to be going out like a very wet lamb, if the sounds outside my window are any indication. Anyway, this song seems like a nice way to transition out. Ry's isn't the first take on this song, but it's a really sweet one.

As to why the subtitles (Japanese? Korean?) are over and done so quickly, I really don't know.


susan said...

Ry Cooder has always been very cool and this is an excellent version of the song.

I think I've been traumatized by snow this winter. I keep imagining it's happening again.

Ben said...

I don't expect to see snow again, outside of a freak flurry maybe. But the first few days of April have been unusually chilly.

I was surprised to find out that Cooder was in Captain Beefheart's band in the early days. Talk about two geniuses who aren't on the same page.