Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things that constant Internet access exposes you to

Since I've been reading and often commenting on Comics Curmudgeon, I've also been browsing the Houston Chronicle comics section online, because it contains just about all the pertinent strips. A few months ago they merged the section with their gossip column, or something, which is basically just videos from the nightly entertainment magazines. Seeing the promos flash by is kind of alienating for me. These are all non-stories about people I aggressively don't care about. For example, some they'll be pushing a story about a singer or model's "hot bikini body." Aside from the fact that this usually means that she looks like a 12 year old boy, how is this news? It fails the test of describing something that actually happened.

What's especially off-putting about this is that my kind of indifference isn't factored in at all. The hype just assumes that everyone is going to be fascinated. Please, someone, talk to a real person.


susan said...

No matter how interesting the the headline or first paragraph may look I've learned never to click on any link that leads the Daily mail for the same reason. I prefer my science news without a sidebar full to bursting with celebrity fashion and plastic surgery mistakes.

Ben said...

The Daily Mail has a certain reputation, I know that. They're not owned by Murdoch, but share a certain aesthetic with his papers.