Sunday, February 19, 2012

Four color freakout

So if you see the above page and think, "Hey, I bet China Miéville will be doing something like that one of these days," not only are you right, but that day is just about here. I doubt that the results will be as gloriously cheesy as they were in the old days, but I hope they keep the "created by Timmy Dubblestuff in Poughkeepsie" type notes.


susan said...

Well, I shouldn't be surprised but I am - kind of. I haven't read all of China Mieville's books but more than half and he's certainly never boring (The City in The City was excellent).

How could he pass on Timmy Dubblestuff?

Ben said...

The city and the City is definitely on my "to read" list. From the synopses I've read I can't quite tell what happens but I know it's got to be trippy.

I removed the ghost of a comment here where the author had already removed the comment itself. Matter of tidying up, mostly.

susan said...

That was me since blogger hiccupped and did a 'dubblestuff'.