Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going to the Peanuts well again

Lucy certainly has her faults. Well, she's supposed to be defined by them, being Charlie Brown's antagonist figure and all. Still, she carries such passion with her - and as seen here, often a perverse joy - that she's always a welcome character. You can see why the others are friends with her, even though it must seem to them like they've just been stuck with her. Yes, I suppose you could say that is true to life.


susan said...

I haven't looked at a Peanuts comic in a long time but I know what you mean particularly when I remember always hoping that just this once she wouldn't pick up the football. Hope springs eternal.

Ben said...

Or as they say in Arkansas, Hot Springs eternal. :)

farida said...

hi ben, seeing peanuts on your page, brought me the memory of my favourite comic,'calvin and hobbes' by Bill Watterson,its more than a comic to me,the stories are inspirational and heart warming. just love it. i have agood collection of it. after reading your page,felt like sharing with you my joy. am going to read peanuts now although i did earlier