Saturday, November 12, 2011

Slowly brightening Saturday Random Ten

I recently bought and installed a CFL light for the first time. It looks a little better than the ones I've seen previously because there's a frosted shell around the tubes. It's weird, though. When you first turn it on, the room is still dim. It's somewhere between lighting a votive candle and randomly throwing glitter on stuff. You do get to the desired point of brightness, but it takes a couple of minutes. I wonder how many people bring them back for refunds before they even get to that point.

1. Bob Dylan - One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)
2. John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillen
3. Lou Rawls - Love is a Hurtin' Thing
4. Joe Jackson - (Do the) Instant Mash
5. Gnarls Barkley - Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)
6, Neko Case - South Tacoma Way
7. Tom Waits - Chicago*
8. Wes Montgomery - Prelude to a Kiss
9. The Kinks - Love Me Till the Sun Shines
10. Reading Rainbow - Prism Eyes

* Off his latest album. Man's still got it.


susan said...

It's getting more difficult here to buy regular light bulbs it wouldn't surprise me if those are outlawed soon. The cfl's are okay but it's unfortunate the mercury they contain doesn't allow for normal disposal since I've never seen a recycling bin for them. I loved your analogy to lighting a votive or throwing glitter around.

Nice line-up this week. Before we left Vancouver all those years ago I saw Tom Waits at a small club for one of his earliest performances. He was already old.

Ben said...

I liked the crystal clear incandescent bulbs that came out a while back. But incandescents in general probably will be phased out. And sadly the halogen bulbs on the market aren't as versatile as they could be.

Waits seems to have decided when he was 25 what kind of old man he would be. It's worked out pretty well.